Monday, May 21, 2007

Omnivore or Indifferent?

Imagine a world without the Internet or cell phones. It was not that long ago that this world existed. Yet, nearly half of adults in the United States have a somewhat distant or non-existent relationship with modern information technology. This technology includes Internet access and cell phone usage.

A survey of more than 4,000 adults conducted by the Pew Internet Project categorized adults into the following three groups: The focus of the survey was on information technology, especially the Internet and cell phones, but also included other technologies such as digital cameras.


Elite technology users were categorized into four subgroups as follows: Moderate technology users were categorized into two subgroups as follows:Indifferents

Low level technology users were categorized into four subgroups as follows:
The implications of this research are important for helping marketing and technology professionals understand who is most likely to be receptive to Web- and cell-based communications. To learn more about this study access a press release available from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Which technology group do you belong to? To find out take a ten-question quiz.

Editor's Note: The results of my quiz reveal that I am a Connector. Here is my profile:

Connectors, which make up 7% of the population, have a median age of 38, with a majority (54%) in the 30-49 age range. Ethnically, it is mostly white (72%); 16% are Black and 12% are English-speaking Hispanics. The typical Connector has been online for 9 years, which suggests they were a second-wave of late 1990s adopters. Most are women (55%) and they rate above average in educational attainment and income.

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