Monday, March 14, 2011

Boston Market | March 2011

Job opportunities for Web technology professionals continued to expand over the past 30 days. The pace has slowed somewhat from last month's report. So have the referral bonuses.

March Referral Rewards

Marsh Sutherland at Walden Recruiting is offering $1,000 finder's fees for each of the following opportunities:

~ Web Designer (and mobile too!)
~ Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer

Joe Cronin at Edvisors is offering a $500 finder's fee for the following opportunity:

~ Director of Software Development and Engineering

What do these three opportunities have in common?

Dharmesh Shah from HubSpot, who fired the first $10,000 shot in the Boston battle for technology talent, reports as follows:

"For us, it's less about specific skills and more about finding people that have a passion for programming and a background delivering applications over the web."

Technical skills high on his list include the following:

Boston Market

It pays to develop your technical skills.

Java, Python and PHP are three skills in the Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston. This list is updated monthly and appears in the right-hand column.

The list of Average Salaries in Boston has also been updated for March. Data is supplied by, a service of A sampling of jobs filled recently and the salaries offered to the selected candidates reveal the following:

It pays to develop your technical skills.

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