Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Boston Market | August 2009

The unemployment numbers will likely continue to rise for the next 12 months according to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

Employment in the Information Technology (IT) sector, however, continues to outperform the general employment marketplace with a lower percentage of tech workers out of work.

Information Technology workers are in demand, at least those who possess technology skills that are valued in today's marketplace. This analysis shines a light on these in-demand skills.

Boston Market

Job opportunities continued an upward momentum in the Boston technology marketplace for the second consecutive month. Sixteen of the Top 20 Web Technologies are "in the green." These technologies were mentioned more frequently in job descriptions this month than last month. The updated list of Top 20 Web Technologies appears in the right-hand column.

Five of the Top 20 Web Technologies have seen impressive gains in job postings -- an increase of at least 50% since early June. The five hottest technologies are as follows:

  • C# | 74%
  • Web Services | 63%
  • ASP.NET | 57%
  • SEO | 55%
  • Ajax | 53%

Web professionals who possess these technical skills and are actively pursuing opportunities would do well to highlight these skills on resumes and in social media profiles.

Training Opportunity

The best value in Web technology training might be RIA Unleashed : Boston. This one-day conference is billed as New England's only conference focused on building rich internet applications (RIAs) using the Adobe Flash Platform including Flex, AIR, ColdFusion, Catalyst and other technologies.

None of these technologies, including Flash, are currently Top 20 technologies in terms of how frequently they are mentioned in job descriptions. However, as conference organizer Brian Rinaldi pointed out to me, demand is only half of the supply/demand equation. Skilled professionals in these technologies are finding high-paying work because there are relatively few professionals trained in these emerging technologies.

What makes this conference attractive is the cost of ONLY $30, while the early bird supply of 100 tickets lasts. Even at the next level of $50 this training opportunity promises to be a real bargain.

To learn more about this November (Friday the 13th) training opportunity in Waltham, access RIA Unleashed : Boston.

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