Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fastest Growing Companies | Fortune 100

Job losses are subsiding. The worst may be over. Prepare now for the turnaround.

Hale Stewart provides a visual analysis of job loss trends in his column at The Huffington Post. Based on one visual below, it is possible that 2010 will bring a return to net job creation.

Fastest Growing Companies

So, where should one start looking for employment opportunities? One avenue is to target large companies that have been growing during the downturn. Fortune magazine has released its list of the 100 fastest growing Fortune 500 companies.

While 21 of these companies are international, many states landed at least one company on the list. Here are the states with the most fast-growing large companies:

  • California | 15
  • Texas | 13
  • New York | 8
  • Massachusetts | 6
  • New Jersey | 5
  • Michigan | 3
  • Missouri | 3
  • Oklahoma | 3

You can access the list for your state at the Fortune section of

Fastest Growing Companies in Massachusetts

Here are the six fastest growing large companies in Massachusetts:

[ NOTE: Simply log into your LinkedIn account on a separate tab, then click the "in" icon next to the company name below to identify the LinkedIn connections you might have within that organization. ]

  1. Bruker | Billerica
  2. Pegasystems | Cambridge
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific | Waltham
  4. Zoll Medical | Chelmsford
  5. Atlantic Tele-Network | Salem
  6. Sapient | Boston


Remember, if you're trying to land work at one of these companies, take the advice offered by the 8th annual Sources of Hire Study:

"We continue to advise job seekers to NEVER apply to a company without first networking to an employee in that firm for a referral. The difference in probability of getting “up to bat” is too large to ignore."

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