Friday, June 18, 2010

Job Prospects, Part II | June 2010

Beantown Web offers a two-part series of reports on a projected improvement in hiring prospects for the remainder of 2010:

Part II

The 2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey reveals that 78 percent of respondents plan to hire IT staff in the next six months.

Hiring managers are most interested in hiring staff with the following experience:

  • Applications| 76%
  • Infrastructure | 58%
  • Project Management | 53%

While not all "applications" positions are Web applications, common skills include programming and databases.

Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston

A survey of job postings at has been updated for June and appears in the right-hand column. Many skills are related to "Web Applications" including the following:

#1 SQL | 728 jobs
#3 Java | 463 jobs
#5 SQL Server | 264 jobs
#7 C# | 206 jobs
#14 PHP | 126 jobs
#17 MySQL | 111 jobs

Additional skills to consider developing include Ruby on Rails (RoR). While not in the Top 20 in terms of how frequently these keywords are mentioned in job descriptions, reports a shortage of Ruby on Rails developers. Check out the following job opportunities:

#42 Ruby | 36 jobs
#47 Rails | 21 jobs

Job Search Strategy

The 2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey asked the following question: "When you are recruiting for technology oriented talent, which of the following methods do you use?" The top three responses were as follows:

  • job boards | 87%
  • referrals | 81%
  • social media (LinkedIn, etc.) | 59%

So, in addition to identifying jobs on job boards, it pays to develop your network of professional contacts using LinkedIn, because hiring managers are actively utilizing referrals and social media tools to find talent.

The 2010 IT HIRE Intelligence Survey was conducted by on behalf of Technisource and featured responses from nearly 250 HR managers or recruiters focused on filling technology positions. A detailed summary is available for FREE download.

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