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Boston Web Tech Job Market | May 2023

The Headlines

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The Job Market in Boston

Despite uncertainty over paying our national debt, and when the long-awaited recession will arrive, we continue to work. The U.S. economy continues to create jobs. According to the April 2023 Jobs Report, the workforce is back to the pre-pandemic baseline.

The list of Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston has been updated for May. This list is based on keyword searches in job postings at The most in-demand keywords are listed more frequently than less in-demand keywords. This list reflects the change over the last two years. Employers appear to be much more cautious about hiring going into a recession than they were when we entered a global pandemic.

The Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston

Here are The Top 10 of the 20 most in-demand web technologies [ UP or DOWN from May, 2021 ] ranked by number of job postings on Indeed.

May, 2023

  1. Python | 3,217 (job postings) DOWN 30% (from May, 2021)
  2. agile *** | 2,531 DOWN 43%
  3. SQL | 2,343 DOWN 33%
  4. AWS | 1,546 DOWN 48%
  5. Java | 1,423 DOWN 54%
  6. Azure | 1,302 DOWN 28%
  7. JavaScript | 1,271 DOWN 44%
  8. C# | 1,151 DOWN 17%
  9. API | 890 DOWN 33%
  10. scrum *** | 764 DOWN 51%
*** Note: While "agile" and "scrum" are not technologies, they are methodologies used in technology development. These two keywords appear in many web development job descriptions. Knowledge of and experience with these methodologies are common practice.

Web Apprentices

To learn more about these and other in-demand technologies, visit Web Apprentices, a technology skills development platform offered as a service to Boston PHP Meetup members and 10,000+ developers and aspiring developers who are members of MergePHP.

The Top 20 Web Technologies in Boston are being counted down over the next 20 days on Beantown Web's Twitter page @webapprentices .

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