Friday, August 04, 2023

Best Business Books | 2022

"Business people who read at least seven business books a year
earn over 2.3 times more
than those who read only one per year."

Source: Business Book Sales Statistics

While I won't promise a doubling in your earning potential, I can help you identify the books that are most likely to add value to your career. These are not my opinions. These are the recommendations of business experts and supported by passionate readers.

For the 14th year in a row Beantown Web has conducted a quasi-scientific meta-search to identify the best business books published during the calendar year. This year's search began by identifying 14 "Best of" lists. This resource list is available upon request. The final results are presented here.

A total of 228 unique books were mentioned on at least one "Best of" list. Among the unique books, 189 were mentioned only once and 39 received multiple recommendations.

The Honorable Mention Shelf

Of the 39 multiple recommendations, 24 books were mentioned on two lists. These books comprise the Honorable Mention list.

The Must-Read Shelf

Of the 15 remaining book recommendations, 11 were mentioned on three lists. These books comprise the Must-Read list:

The Top Shelf

Of the four remaining book recommendations, three were recognized on four lists:

One stands out for being recognized on seven lists:

Personal Recommendations

If 15 books are too many to chose from, then check out the following Short List. The four highest rated books on Goodreads (of the 15 pictured here) are as follows:

I have read one of the four Top Shelf books and one from the 11 on the Must-Read Shelf. As I work through this reading list, I will post my reviews at and share links here.

You can access reviews of more than 100 books I have read on Leadership and Strategy at Pinterest.

Suggested Success Strategy

Regardless of your professional discipline, business is the engine that drives economic growth. The economy continues to improve and job prospects remain strong in 2022. You can help enhance your personal economic prospects by learning more about the business of business.

Goal: Select one business book from the 15 pictured above, read it, practice its principles and shift your career into a higher gear in 2022. Of course, you can select all 15 books, read more than one per month, and receive a guaranteed seat in business class!

NOTE: The 24 Honorable Mention Books of 2022—those recognized on two "Best of" lists—are being counted down on Twitter @genebabon. You can also follow Beantown Web on Facebook @beantownweb.

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