Friday, April 14, 2006

Boston Market -- April

Demand for business and financial workers surged in March as corporations staff up due to continued expansion efforts. Details of this increasing job expansion can be viewed in the Monster Employment Index which reached another all-time high last month.

In keeping with the marketing focus in the last two articles, this month's market analysis highlights a few of the technology skills needed to help businesses market their products and services.

A quick search on the "e-commerce" keyword reveals the following job listings in the greater Boston area (number of listings):

According to an annual survey of 250 e-commerce executives conducted by the e-tailing group, "e-commerce is becoming an important, stand-alone sales channel and websites are increasingly seen as revenue generators and important profit centers." A summary of the survey can be accessed for a limited time via eMarketer.

According to the survey the top three Web-related initiatives planned for 2006 are as follows (percentage of executive responding):

If your skill-set includes knowledge and experience in these areas then your skills are in demand. To obtain knowledge and experience in these in-demand Web marketing areas consider the following FREE training plan that focuses on two popular Web development technologies that can be used to develop and maintain a company's e-commerce strategy:

ASP.NET focus:

PHP focus:

Web technology + marketing skills = career opportunities

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