Thursday, April 20, 2006

Skilled Tech Workers in Demand

Virtually all CEOs of the fastest growing technology companies say they have plans to grow their workforce over the next 12 months. However, 41 percent said finding, hiring and retaining qualified employees remains the major challenge.

Here are some of the strategies technology companies are using to attract quality workers:

  • increase stock options or some form of ownership interest (71 percent)
  • offer flexible work hours (49 percent)
  • offer additional vacation days (23 percent)
  • offer training and development programs (35 percent)
  • provide a career growth plan (28 percent)

So, what does it take to succeed at a fast growing high tech company? According to CEOs their success can be attributed to the following qualities:

  • entrepreneurial spirit (72 percent)
  • sheer determination to succeed (66 percent)

Making a lesser contribution were factors such as technical knowledge, upbringing, luck, personal relationships, and education.

A press release of The Technology Fast 500 CEO Survey can be found at the Deloitte Website. To access the websites of the 50 Fastest Growing Technology Companies in New England visit the Web Apprentices Career Center.